Outdoor Activities

Group outdoor activities are a huge part of the ministry of Living River.  Our initial contact with many children occurs at events such as instructional firearms/target practice days, shooting matches, fishing days, canoe trips, picnics, etc.  Another great function of these events is that they provide opportunities for children to learn and experience things that direct their attention to the Creator of all of these wonderful things that we see and enjoy and spark a wonder and a longing to know this God who wants to be our Father.

These activities also are the means by which our Rivermen mentors, who are building fatherly relationships with each child by praying together over the phone, can spend time with those children in a safe, group atmosphere.

We also take smaller groups of children hunting, fishing, canoeing, etc. when opportunities arise to include those children whom we are mentoring in the things we do.  The last thing that Jesus said to His friends while He was here on Earth was that they were to be making disciples as they go where they are going and as they do what they are doing, across the entire planet.