Rivermen Mentors (Father-Figures)

Psalm 10:16-18 indicates that our Father who is King forever and ever sees nations and kingdoms vanish from the earth; but what the ears of our heavenly Father are really tuned to hear are opportunities to do justice ( i.e., make things the way that they should be) for the fatherless so that they no longer live in a state of fearfulness.  One of the implications is that an earthly father is the prevention for this terror in their hearts.

As God began His quest to make His Fatherhood available to all mankind [“ But to all who did receive Him (Jesus) He gave them the right to be the children of God, to those who believe in His (Jesus’) name], one of the first things that He did was to ask a carpenter named Joseph to be a father-figure to a child who wasn’t his biological son.

We build fatherly relationships with fatherless households upon the foundation of a nightly phone call before bedtime. A man who has a relationship with the Father by faith in Jesus, and who has passed a background check, calls and prays with the child (or children) in a home on weeknights during the school year and 3 or 4 nights/week during the summer.  We have come to believe that God is going to rescue an entire fatherless generation by bringing to bear a movement of godly men praying with them and thereby showing to them what it means to trust in our Heavenly Father.    

Living River is seeking godly men who are followers of Christ to become part of our Rivermen mentoring program. If you can give 5-10 minutes of your time 3-5 evenings /week to call and pray with a child over the phone, you can have an eternal impact in the life of someone who has no dad. Please contact us to discover how you can fulfill your calling as a man of God to be a father to the fatherless. “Pure religion and undefiled before God is to visit the fatherless and the widow in their affliction…” James 1:27.

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