When you contribute to Living River, those monies are used to purchase gear for children to use in our outdoor activities, children’s hunting licenses,  groceries to supplement food donations to River’s Edge, school supplies, clothing, bibles and devotional books to aid men in mentoring, and anything else that a godly father-figure should provide for a particular household as God shows us needs.

We are thankful that we have been able to purchase youth model guns and ammo, ground blinds to hunt from,  canoes and a trailer, life vests, fishing rods and gear, and warm clothing.

Our prayer is that God will continue to expand our ministry and influence, that we may be able to devote our lives more fully to delivering God’s Fatherhood in more communities all around our country and further as God sees fit to open doors, and that Living River will grow to include property and facilities to be used to reach fatherless people and bring them to the River of Life.